Big Love Recap: Barbed Ire

Barbara Henrickson long seemed like the only sane member of her family, the only one who wasn't damaged goods from the start. On last night's Big Love, we saw her stand up for herself at last. Never have we cheered at a divorce announcement.

She starts small, of course. Just as she stood next to Bill at Home Plus and then was his right hand at the casino, here she is groveling for access to the copier as Bill's "intern," perhaps her most demeaning role yet (besides that of first wife, of course). But still, she sucks it up in support of her man. That is, until he suggests that they get a "paper divorce" so he can legally marry Nicki and adopt Cara Lynn. "We'd still be spiritually married," Bill explains, ever the pedant.

Nicki could not be more pleased, considering she's always wanted to be a legit wife. Even Bill, who often ignores Nicki's craven mean streak, sees the nuptial gleam in her eye. Nicki wants Bill to decide, in her favor. But Barb resists his total control over the family. "Maybe I can make a decision," she tells an appalled Nicki. "Maybe I have the priesthood." Read More...


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