'Supernatural' Season 6, Episode 13 Recap

Say what you will about the current season of 'Supernatural,' but you certainly can't accuse the show of foot-dragging.

Friday's episode found things moving ahead rapidly on the Sam front, and it's hard not to give the show credit for plunging ahead where, as the saying goes, angels fear to tread.

Of course, an actual angel counseled against returning Sam's soul to his body, but Cas wasn't around this week to see the Great Wall take a tumble. I haven't poked around the Interwebs to see if Cas is back next week, but I bet whenever he shows up, despite his innate seriousness, he won't be able to resist saying, "I told you so!" Who could?

Before we get to Sam's unfortunate status, here's a question/sidebar for you: Do you think we'll see an equivalent crisis moment for Dean this season? In this recent interview, executive producer Sera Gamble drew a parallel between Sam's soullessness and the difficult life Dean has led, one which might have left him in a similar state. The terror and the drudgery of the hunting life may yet take a drastic toll on him -- perhaps something as disastrous as what Sam is going through. Or not. I just wonder how strongly the parallels between the brothers will be drawn this year. Read More...



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