BEING HUMAN (UK) “The Pack” Review

BEING HUMAN "The Pack" Series 3 Episode 4 - McNair and son are back in town and George and Nina want answers – can werewolves have babies? Meanwhile, Annie and Mitchell fumble their way through their relationship, and Mitchell asks vampire Richard to get rid of McNair – with potentially life-threatening consequences.

Oh, George and Nina! Does anyone else just want to give them a massive hug? I even want to hug McNair at this point. I initially thought his refusal to talk to George and Nina was just him being an arse, but it seems he was trying to protect Tom from the truth. Tom being so sheltered can’t be good for him in any which way or form, but McNair seems to be a competent enough parent (as competent as a nomadic werewolf can be, anyway). Read More...


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