Bleach Episode #308 - Review

Bleach took something of an unusual turn in the prior episode when Gin ended up going after Aizen when Aizen least expected it after Gin claimed he had dealt with Rangiku. With gin having served with Aizen for so long, dealing out quite a lot of pain and hardship on others through the various fights and encounters, having him make his move like this wasn't exactly a huge surprise the moment it happened, but it wasn't one that I was sure they'd make. Having missed a large chunk of episodes between where the DVDs are at and where I picked up the simulcasts, it's hard to say exactly how clear Gin's motivations have been as he makes his move against the man he's sided with for so long.Because of the fate that Gin is about to suffer as we see Aizen tearing him apart fairly easily, since the Hogyoku is so completely bonded to Aizen, that means we get some nice little flashback material. The relationship between Gin and Rangiku is one that definitely falls into the realm of a tragedy and bringing his end in front of her is definitely a brutal moment. Thankfully, what we avoid is a full on Gin history episode, which wouldn't be entirely bad but would slow things down, as Ichigo arrives on the scene just a moment too late to do anything about that. But with Rangiku unable to be strong enough to deal with Aizen, she can pin her hopes for some form of revenge and justice on him in dealing with Aizen. Read More...


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