Transformers: Prime Episode #02 - Darkness Rising Part 2 Review

The first episode of Transformers: Prime did a decent job of setting up events and getting us familiar with the five Autobots that are left on Earth as well as introducing us to the humans that are now paired with them. It breaks the stereotypes a bit by having Jack with Arcee and Miko with Bulkhead while Raf spends his time with Bumblebee, but the big thing was the return of Megatron to the screen at the end, complete with Frank Welker taking the role over again after quite a few years away from it. Megatron's return has him ready to just take over again as he gets to the Decepticon base. And he's intent on going big here as he has a shard of Unicron, which causes enough pause for Starscream considering that it's believed to be the anti-Spark in the universe. Some things you just don't mess with.While we've been introduced to the three humans, it turns out they're not the only ones aware of what's going on. The Autobots have a human liason in the form of Special Agent Fowler, a government agent who works with them to cover up their activities. They're completely aware of the Decepticons and their threat, hence working with the Autobots, but it's not clear how high the knowledge goes. The gist of the deal though comes down to the fact that the Autobots have to keep their activities off the radar so as to not alert the general populace to their existence. This is something that's about to become much harder to do now that Megatron is back and has a plan. Read More...


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