Transformers: Prime Episode #04 - Darkness Rising Part 4 Review

While action wasn't a big part of the previous episode, it's a prime element right from the start here as the revived ancestors are now ambling towards Optimus and Ratchet under direction from Megatron who is quite happy to use them for his ambitions. The action there is just the tip of the iceberg, though it is really good to see both Ratchet and Prime taking them on rather than just trying to get away. And to make sure that they take them apart as much as possible since it's what's required in order to make sure they don't revive in some other form as well. The rest of the Autobots make out even better as they now find themselves essentially staging an all out attack on the main ship that Starscream is operating out of where he's torturing Fowler pretty well at this point. Getting Arcee and Bumblebee together with Bulkhead and the human cast inside the ship works very well.Even more surprising is how cinematic they actually make the fight sequence for a bit. It ramps up so much at one point that the music overpowers things as the actual action effects are reduced and dialogue is excised in order to make it a darker and more serious moment. Switching back and further between the fight there and the one with Optimus and the raised Transformers gives us seemingly non-stop action. A lot of it takes place within the Decepticon ship and that means a whole lot of purples and blues to be had and they handle it well with the look and flow of it. There's an expansive feel to things here that gives it an appropriate larger than life feeling because of the scale of the Decepticons. They do manage to slow things down a little for some decent character moments as well when there's some confrontation with Miko about how hot and cold she seems sometimes about what she really wants. Read More....


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