Transformers: Prime Episode #05 - Darkness Rising Part 5 Review

The events of this storyline have been quite a lot of fun as we've seen the main cast of human characters make their ties to the the Autobots and we've gotten a look at what the new war with Megatron could be about as he has the shard of Dark Energon that can bring dead Transformers back to life as savage and mindless creatures. And that threat is enough to scare away some after what's happened as Jack has basically turned his back on the group as all the action and adventure is much more than he can handle as an ordinary day. Sadly, this was just a minor matter of dramatics as Jack is back with the gang within the first couple of minutes of this episode, something that drains some of the energy from it since it's dealt with so quickly and without any repercussions.Because of the scale of events at hand, with Megatron readying his plan to return to Cybertron to raise his arm, there's a mild bit of goofiness as the Autobots make their way into space in order to protect the star bridge mechanism. With the Decepticon ship not being a a hundred percent, it all comes down to some hand to hand action between the two sides while Raf and the humans make their way into a secure facility on Earth that allows him to gain access to the Decepticon starship system in order to try and stymie their pans to return home. It's a bit of an awkward plan that the kids are willing to risk since the planet will be in ruins otherwise, but it's a nice piece of visual theater with them making their contribituion to events. Read More...


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