Transformers: Prime Episode #06 - Masters & Students

The events of the five part opening storyline have left things a bit uncertain for the Decepticons as Megatron has been lost to the star bridge that was setup when he was trying to call forth his army of the undead. Starscream sees this as an absolutely perfect opportunity but it's amusing that most of the Decepticon's on Earth can't quite see him as the leader they need. The spoken thoughts of one of them that if they couldn't succeed under Megatron, what hope do they have under him? It's a rather valid and astute thought that sets into motion a new plan from Starscream as he wants to set them on a right proper mission to further establish himself.Starscream's focus is definitely a smart one considering what was done to Earth ages ago during the war. While Megatron went to find his army elsewhere, there are those that were left to guard the Energon that was secreted away here and he intends to revive those warriors. Unfortunately for him, his actions catch the attention of the Autobots and that has them going off to investigate. The timing couldn't be worse for Starscream as the revived Skyquake is giving him grief about about following him since he considers only Megatron as his one true master and doesn't quite believe him. While you can understand Optimus' attempts at getting Skyquake to see the way the times have changed, since it is his method to try and find a peaceful way out of conflicts, you can also easily understand why Skyquake doesn't see the times as any different and intends to just kick his ass as ordered by Megatron ages ago. Read More...


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