Freezing Episode #03 - Review

With the big events out of the way that set the basic stage for the series, Freezing is getting a bit more about the characters as we see Kazuya getting a feel for the school more. Amusingly, he's really taken in by the cafeteria with its all you can eat buffet of absolute goodness, but it's only natural that the kids are all attracted to the high calorie Burger Queen place where you actually have to pay, whereas the buffet is free. It's a nice little setup that allows for Kazuya to try and get closer to Bridget when she blows him off a bit after an incident in the cafeteria and he continues to follow her. While everyone keeps telling him to keep his distance from her, he goes right out and asks her to be her Limiter, which is kind of inappropriate considering what it all really means in terms of a relationship between the Pandora and the Limiter.Bridget certainly has a reputation at this point as the Untouchable Queen so there's always a lot of attention on her to dethrone her, so anyone who tries to attach themselves to her is quite suspect, especially since she's so distant. One of those is a very snake-like woman named Miyabi who tries to convince Kazuya not to do it and to be hers instead. There's a definite rivalry between these two women and it hits a nerve with Bridget to see what Miyabi is up to, causing her to actually take up against Miyabi. One of the selling points of the show, or at least the main selling point right now in my mind, is how it handles the action with its choreography and sense of style. It's been a darker show from the start so seeing these two go up against each other offers a good segment with some strong music to it, though it's a bit comical with what sets Miyabi over the edge. Vanity is one thing, but vanity when it comes to the seriousness of fighting paints a damaged psyche. Read More...


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