Freezing Episode #04 - Review

Bridget's life has certainly had its ups and downs prior to the series starting from what we can tell, though she's excelled as the untouchable queen. Since the arrival of Aoi though, she's seen more problems than not but also a fair bit of potential as he's very keen on being her Limiter and the two certainly have a quite the connection. The problem for Bridget comes at this point is that she's getting a lot of challenges at a time when she's not at full potential and the seventh most powerful ranked student, Ingrid, is now making a formal challenge. And she won't be able to succeed against her without a Limiter of her own to work with. That gives her only a bit of time to get things figured out and it's easy to understand how she may feel somewhat pressured by it all while still thinking it may be the right choice.Aoi's approach is certainly an earnest and honest one, but the way it happens is in a way that only makes it harder for her to agree to it. Coming into her room when she doesn't answer isn't smart and it doesn't help when they have a bit of a fumble when she gets out of the shower and there's naked bits everywhere. Obscured, of course. That only makes her more stubborn over things and reaffirms the way she wants to handle things on her own, to be the lone wolf that can handle things. While not having a Limiter is considered a weakness that makes it easier to be taken down, she believes she can buck that trend because of her skills and ability. It's an interesting level of confidence that's not treated as being overconfident or foolish. It's not the smartest way to go, but for the age and what's been going on with her, making that choice doesn't surprise. Read More...


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