Naruto: Shippuden Episode #197 - Review

After far too lengthy of a break where we got lots and lots of back story filler episodes, some better than others (by a large margin, which isn't saying much), Naruto returns to its core storyline following the events of the destruction of much of the Hidden Leaf village. That destruction hits home with the start of the storyline here where visitors from Hidden Cloud have come to deliver a message to the Hokage and are pretty shocked at what they see there with the amount of destruction. With the reputation Hidden Leaf has had over the years, seeing it in ruins like this is pretty disturbing. What makes things even more shocking to the team is that Tsunade is no longer the Hokage as Danzo has taken over that role after what happened to her in the fight.Danzo continues to come across as a complete and utter piece of scum with the way he acts and seems so high and mighty, even after all the damage he's taken in the destruction of the village. His matter of the fact handling of taking on the role and being dismissive of Tsunade doesn't help his sense of character either, nor does the fact that he's had such long range plans for seemingly ages now. Naruto himself has had quite a number of issues with him over time and that's only elevated even further now. Whereas Tsunade was willing to bend things a bit and try to work a solution to dealing with Sasuke, Danzo has declared that Sasuke is to be hunted down and exterminated, labeling him a criminal in the strongest sense. When Naruto finds that out, he's doubly incensed by what's happened. Read More...


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