Naruto: Shippuden Episode #198 - Review

Plans are certainly fluid as we see the Akatsuki are working through some changes after having Pain dealt with, especially when it comes to Sasuke as there's the continuing issue that he may not be as easily controlled as some others have been. The need to have him properly taken care of is something that's going to be more of a focus for the Akatsuki as he's operating on his own a bit too much for their tastes and with the added problem of Naruto still seeking him out, especially now that he's been labeled as a kill on sight person by Danzo, the two are likely to come into contact with each other sooner rather than later.The episode has an interesting turn that shows just how strongly Naruto feels about Sasuke as Karui and Omoi push him hard to get information out of him about Sasuke since they want their leader back. The knowledge he has about Sasuke and that of the Junchiriki makes him an easy target but he's fairly somber about the whole thing and just takes all the abuse, both verbal and physical by Karui, in order to not betray his friend. Over the years that have passed, it may be a fair bit naïve and foolish on Naruto's part to still be acting this way, but it says volumes about how serious he is about friendship, even if it is a one way street. And for Sai, who watches on from secret, it's a reinforcement of the kind of bond that Naruto has forged for him as well. Read More...


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