Fractale Episode #04 - Review

The introduction of the Star Festival and how the Fractale system works at least a little in the previous episode was certainly an engaging idea, one that offers a lot of possibilities. Bringing Phryne back into play so early on after her going back and swapping in Nessa for Clain to deal with was a surprise since I expected the two to not come back into contact for some time. The Star Festival itself is a really interesting moment here as the people who weren't shot and killed come back to their senses after the new imprinting only to discover all the dead around them. The panic isn't as much as it could be, not as muted either, so it leaves you with a sense of sadness that gets washed away by the sudden action that takes place as the Granites manage to take advantage of the confusion by grabbing Phryne. The kidnapping of Phryne will not go well, but there are a couple of revelations along the way that are useful, if not entirely accurate. Sunda learns that Phryne is basically of the same opinion as the Granites in that the Fractale System must end, but the impression you get is that she doesn't agree with their methods of doing it. With her having escaped before and leaving some important information with Clain, information that he's obviously been researching which she didn't want or expect to happen, she has a plan of her own but hasn't yet set it forward. Regardless of her own plans though, now that she's been kidnapped, the temple will do what it has to in order to get her back and send those who grabbed her to eternal rest. There's a hard edge to the temple that comes through in the first few brief scenes showing how the react to the news. Read More...


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