Gosick Episode #06 - Review

Gosick's storylines are ones that reveal themselves slowly, sometimes taking one story and morphing it into something else as it progresses. The opening storyline here involved Avril telling Kazuya a story about wolves as they stroll through the main market of the city when they come across a rather poor magician plying his trade. It is rather amusing when he pulls a pigeon out of his hat only to have it be dead and he tries to impress the crowd by flapping its wings for him. The pigeon act shows up again a bit later when they're going through another part of the market and see a Dresden Plate, only to have it disappear in a flurry of pigeons itself. Victorique reveals the trick of that particular little gig when he brother shows up and talks about it though, seemingly causing it to be an easy and quick little deal.

The episode turns its focus back to the wolves as it progresses though with Victorique talking about them a bit more after dealing with her brother. It turns in an odd direction at first when Kazuya does the unimaginable and actually flicks her very lightly on the forehead, which in turn makes him dead to her for a fair bit since it was a great offense that hurt her. Naturally, it doesn't stick for too long as she needs his help a bit and they end up on a train ride that that has them staying at a village where there's even more talk of the mysterious Gray Wolves that Victorique talked a little bit about previously. It's a progression of events that are certainly far too coincidental to happen but it fits in with the way Victorique's life seems to go as well as how Kazuya himself is thrown from thing to thing with her in his life. Read More...



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