One Piece Episode #487 - Review

Some shows handled the power-up issue with its characters pretty poorly in that it seems like they keep getting ridiculously stronger. With One Piece, we do have that happen in a sense as we now see that Blackbeard is something different with two Devil Fruit powers that has now instilled a great amount of fear in both Navy man and pirate alike. With that happening on top of the chaos of Ace dying and then Whitebeard being taken out, it's pretty intense. What makes it worse is that the world is now watching as Marineford itself is crumbling before their eyes, a symbol of strength and security for the world. It's a humbling moment and one that can make or break a man.Blackbeard's amusing at this point as he's just looking for a fight and nobody really seems to be up to one at this point, at least with him. Akainu is still looking to kick some pirate booty as he's going up against Ivankov with a real vengeance and Ivankov is doing his best to make sure that Luffy gets away above all else. Thankfully, we do see the Navy men rally since it would be a real psychological defeat if they don't at least try to fight back and it's kind of inspiring since they're not acting cruel like some of the Admiral's do with things. There's a push by them to not falter but rather to go forward and uphold their honor and presence. With the world watching, they have to make sure that they don't cause a loss of confidence. It's a small piece of the episode, but one that I appreciated seeing since so much of this is getting out there and Marineford is such a key piece of world security. Read More...


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