Tegami Bachi Reverse Episode #44 - Review

Lag's inability to fire his Shindan presents Lawrence with an opportunity to turn him to Reverse's side, if he plays his card right - and if Lag is ready to listen to him. Mention of Lag's mother may just be the key to getting his attention. Meanwhile, the many shindans that Zazie has shot into Jeel awaken the Cabernet, which then carries Jeel away. Zazie and Lag give chase, seeing their chance to finish the Cabernet off - but the also see the fragments of Jeel's heart, and decide that he needs to be saved as well...If you've been following my reviews of the series, you'll know that Tegami Bachi episodes always seem to fall into one of two categories: completely awesome arc stories that take the time to explain things, or very run-of-the-mill filler episodes that I could really do without. This episode, though, slots in somewhere in between - there's not a hell of a lot of plot progression, but there is something of a spanner thrown in the works of what Lag and Zazie have always assumed to be what's "right', as they begin to realise that, however sinister Lawrence and Reverse may appear, the reasons that they're opposing the Amberground government may just be valid. Read More....



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