Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #19 - Review

As the unknown tentacle aliens attack Winnipeg, the Earth forces rally to its defense, since there are large numbers of civilians still trapped in the town. There seem to be limitless numbers of these aliens. And worse, they seem to be transforming the citizens with some sort of strange fog. Things only seem to be getting worse, when the Weisritter, though not the one we are familiar with, shows up. It threatens the Hiryuu Kai, but before it attacks, Kyousuke walks outside and looks at it. His appearance seems to make it pause, or rather make its pilot, Excellen, who is in some sort of trance, pause. At this point, Alfimi appears and babbles something about perfect beings and opening some gateway to the past. Whatever this is, it isn't looking good at all. As noted earlier, all of the Psychodrivers have been sensing something REALLY wrong being present. They note the appearance of evil psychic energy, and try to counter it, but to no avail. That's when something really bad warps in, and starts talking to the Psychodrivers in their heads. This is really starting to look bad. Bullet and Kusuha are captured by the creature/mech, um, thingy. Just when things look their worst, with Bullet and Kusuha seemingly trapped and headed towards death, the Chokijin appear. They make an offer to help Bullet and Kusuha, as they state that it is their purpose to protect humanity. Thus, they make a pact with them, after which the Chokijin eat (yes, eat) the Type 3 and form a new being/mech, um, thingy: the RyuKohOh (which gets its own announcement title screen). And it gets better. It can transform into different versions of itself, going from Dragon (RyuKohOh) to Tiger (KohRyuOh). The unknown alien unit states that it is time to end their ancient struggle. The battle seems to end with the Dragon-Tiger-Bullet-Kusuha thingy defeating the powerful enemy, slicing it in half with a giant sword.  Read More....


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