Cross Game Episode #45 - Review

Cross Game is reaching an interesting point where certain things are becoming apparent. While the game they're in gets called on account of rain as some torrential downpours have hit, Ko is getting some grief for rushing while pitching which is what was making it close. As Azuma points out though, it may not be that but rather that Ko is getting even better with his pitches, getting additional speed on them to make it seem like he's rushing to someone like Akaishi who has been catching for him for some time. It's something that Akaishi definitely has to adjust for if true, and it points to how the team continue to improve over time and as this season rolls along.As time progresses and games are won, there's a bit of amusement as we see something in Aoba as she's not exactly jealous of him, but there's a bit of envy to it all. Ko's practices have gotten rather good and he challenges himself in a lot of ways. In a way, his extra practicing and the way he's so earnest about it while avoiding being overconfident or cocky ends up inspiring Aoba to try and take her pitching to the next level. She's keeping some distance from him, which is amusing when there's some picture taking being done and she refuses to have one taken with Ko, but there's also some sadness on his part because he knows that with the way things go in the high school circuit, she can never really play or shine in the way that he can. He's certainly sympathetic enough to her, but he's also stuck by the rules that exists and knows that challenging them won't really amount to anything. It simply is what is. Read More...


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