Level E Episode #06 - Review

The shift to the new storyline in the previous episode brought us the Color Rangers and I have to admit I'm really skittish on all things sentai at this point. After being burned heavily with the first episode of Mitsudomoe this season, and generally not enjoying sentai shows in the past (while now being subjected to Power Rangers Samurai on TV as well), sentai material just doesn't do anything for me. There was a fair bit of fun in the previous episode though as the Prince really messes with them with the way their powers work and how he's manipulated them just for a laugh, but I had hoped that it wouldn't be too much more than just a single episode so we could move on to something else. The kids are all intent on getting the wristbands off their arms so they can get back to their normal lives and that means they have to get the key. That has them going off to Yamagata to get it, but it's far more complicated than they expected with what they have to go through, not only to get the key but to have it work as well. Their teacher isn't too much help either when they call her for ideas, catching her in the shower of course, as she tells them that while it has a fairly standard idea, it's probably been specially configured since the Prince was involved with it. Passwords, special moves and so forth are involved in getting it to work. And the Prince's humor definitely influences things with how it all operates. There's an amusing gag about the passwords here that really pushes the boys in a way that you wouldn't expect. Read More...



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