Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Episode #06

The arrival of Kyoko onto the scene is something that's definitely changing the balance of things here at the halfway mark. With Aikawa realizing that she's the one that's been drawing the Megalo to the world as the most powerful source of magic, it explains some of what's been going on since the start. Interestingly, Yuu is taking her arrival as a very personal thing and has made sure that Aikawa and the others stay out of the fight she's putting herself into. Yuu as a fight isn't exactly what we get here though at first as she's just a very straightforward person, telling her to leave in her own way before letting her voice eke out even just a little to deal with X. It's a powerful moment where you realize that Yuu has the ability to kill a person with a single, softly spoken word. It's enough to really cement her position in the scheme of things for Aikawa as he sees it happen.Kyoko's certainly an interesting addition to things as she seems to have gained so much power that even Yuu's words of death aren't strong enough to kill her as she's able to rise from it. There's a lot of power at work here as we see at the start as she's able to take Yuu down, even temporarily, as her own body is bloodied and falling apart. Kyoko looks positively creepy as she's had her skin flayed from her, leaving a bloody under section visible. Combine that with her being fairly over the edge mentally at this point with the kind of weird and sad kind of crazy and she's a hell of a lot of fun to watch. At least from the outside as Aikawa has stepped up to stop her from hurting Yuu any further and has transformed himself to try and take her down with his magical girl powers and chainsaw. While the visuals are kind of sad with him in the outfit, Aikawa has a really strong sense of emotion and connection here that really lets him shine in going against her. You can feel his honest and firmly held beliefs about Yuu and his place with her as being the guiding force behind stopping Kyoko. Read More...



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