Desperate Housewives 7.14 "Flashback" Review

Last night's Desperate Housewives (if you weren't enthralled by the Grammys) was all about the past coming to bite you in the ass. While the episode title threw me off a bit, especially since only one character had a short "flashback," it's resonance with the episode became clear by the end of the episode as the characters centered last night kind of had metaphorical flashbacks to times they wish they could just forget.

Zach Young is The Gunman

So it's truly confirmed thar Zach Young is the person behind Paul Young's shooting, but before we bring out the bells and whistles, it's is also apparently clear that life hasn't treated Zach so well since we last saw him. He blew all of his money and is now a druggie, which is a far cry from the Zach we were introduced to all the way back in Season One. While I understand that Paul was not Ward Cleaver in terms of parenting, or as a human being, can Zach really use Paul as a sign for all his troubles? It's not like Paul had a hand in Zach swindling all his money up his nose. Now that Zach has both of his fathers back into his life, I wonder what the endgame will be with this storyline? Susan's no longer in danger, Paul's plan of vengeance has come and gone. So what's next? Read More...


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