NCIS ''Royals & Loyals'' Review Season 8, Episode 4

A Petty Officer's body is found in an old hot tub and his stomach has been opened as if someone was looking for something. Ducky finds a bit of hundred dollar bill in the body and Abby discovers that the bills are traceable with a special powder that is only detectable with a black light and are emitting radio waves - both signs of CIA involvement.

It turns out the Petty Officer was assigned guard duty to watch over the money on a British ship and they're not inclined to let NCIS on board to investigate. Gibbs and the British Navy's liaison officer don't get along and soon all their evidence begins to point towards the man as their killer. The officer is actually Mi6 and eventually goes to Gibbs for help, claiming he didn't do it. So Team Gibbs investigates further and finds that the woman running the CIA ops was switching out the CIA traceable cash for the payroll on the British ship, a clever method of laundering it so she could keep it for herself. When the man on guard duty figured it out, she killed him.

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