'Jeopardy!': Watson computer no better than humans so far


"Jeopardy!" pitted two of its best players ever against a superhuman opponent on Monday (Feb. 14). Well, maybe not superhuman -- but definitely nonhuman. The long-running game show began its "IBM Challenge" Monday by having all-time champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter play against Watson, a supercomputer that IBM programmers have been using to perfect natural-language processing. (An avatar for the computer, which is the size of a server room, sat behind the podium on stage.)But hold off on the Skynet doom-and-gloom predictions for now: The humans held their own, at least through the first round.Watson -- who received information via text files at the same time Alex Trebek read the questions -- jumped off to a fast start. Midway through the first round, the computer had $5,200 to Rutter's $1,000 and Jennings' $200.  Things evened out later on, though, and by the end of round one, Rutter and Watson were tied with $5,000 each,...



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