'Pretty Little Liars': 'The New Normal' includes infestations and revelations


Welcome back to Rosewood, "Pretty Little Liars" fans, where braille just became the new black. Or something. All week we've been trying to guess what Toby's message meant and thankfully, we didn't have to wait very long to find out. But that's not until later. Let's start like all good stories do, at the beginning. Where there is also braille.Our favorite Liars are hanging out, trying to decode the message. When the girls figure out Toby's braille message, it spells out "BAD." Um, we really hope it's something cooler than that. Aria is wearing a whole lot of polka dots (seriously, on her headband and shirt!) and a scowl. She can't even stand to be around Hanna so she leaves this meeting of The Plastics Liars and leaves. Hanna pretends she doesn't know what's wrong with her. Hanna and her mom are talking about the whole money-stealing fiasco (still) and we're kind of over it....



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