HOUSE “You Must Remember This” Review

HOUSE "You Must Remember This" Season 7 Episode 12 - A patient remembers everything while Taub forgets too much pathology and House wants Wilson to forget Sam and find a new puddy tat he can tap in the "You Must Remember This" episode of HOUSE.

Interesting patient of the week. I absolutely would not want total recall because I’ve always thought time blurring the hardest edges of memories is one of the greatest gifts we’re given, and that isn’t even taking into account Nadia’s particularly cruel version of OCD that makes her obsess over every wrong ever done to her. Funnily enough, Tina Holmes, the actress who plays Nadia, was also Moira on last summer’s terrible Persons Unknown, which I have yet to forget watching to the bitter end thinking I would at least get some answers only to get nothing-not that I am at all holding a grudge. Anyway, this is a particularly sad case, for both Nadia and her sister. Masters is her usual awkward self ("People are problematic and random and messy.") and I love Chase’s hilarious thumb’s up at her after she causes the fight in the MRI room. I like the effect used to show Nadia’s memory and I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that House drops the bombshell "You have early onset Parkinson’s" and walks out. Read More...


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