'Gossip Girl' recap: Dair to Get Closer

While it would have been nice to spend Valentine’s Day with a new romance, I guess spending it with "Dair" (Dan and Blair) is good enough. Kind of. Sorta. Okay, not really, but at least there were some sweet moments between these two. I feel like they’re starring in an updated version of You’ve Got Mail, particularly in those final moments where they were watching Rosemary’s Baby from satellite locations. Awwww, so cute, but I do worry about them using their laptops and their cell phones in bed at the same time. That seems dangerous given the closeness to their private areas. See, this is why I need a date so that I’m not spending my waking moments worrying over the radio waves potentially causing sterility to characters on a teen soap.

But I’m actually starting to feel good about this Dair situation. I like that the writers are taking it slow with them and showing their friendship growing before it gets too lovey dovey. One of the nicer moments was when Dan consoled Blair when she found out that Chuck did, in fact, like Raina and wasn’t just using her for his (confusing) plot to gain back Bass Industries. He held Blair’s hand, but even though she ripped it away, you could tell she sorta regretted acting so cold. Read More...



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