'Chuck' Season 4, Episode 15 Recap

Things were going pretty well there for a while on 'Chuck,' but tonight unfortunately didn't live up to recent standards. 'Chuck Versus the Cat Squad' possessed neither the thrilling spy work that marked the end of the Volkoff era, nor the fall-down funny antics of last week's edition. The show seems to know where it wants to go in this final stretch of season 4, but doesn't seem entirely clear on how to pace things out. Moreover, it's unclear if the arc they have started actually helps Sarah Walker or simply sells her out.

Atop this week's list of frustrations: the return of overly dramatic problems in the relationship between Chuck and Sarah. The show doesn't seem able to let them simply be a couple for more than a week at a time, and thus after last week's frivolity, it's back to Chuck unwittingly annoying Sarah. His offense this week? Reuniting The Clandestine Attack Team, aka The C.A.T. Squad. Think 'Charlie's Angels' and you have ... well, you have pretty much the exact picture, albeit filtered through Morgan's hyperactive, hypersexual imagination. Read More...



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