THE BACHELOR (2011) Season 15 Episode 7 Review

THE BACHELOR (2011) Season 15 Episode 7 – First, a moment of silence for Michelle, my beloved Black Widow, the only woman I could have seen asserting any sort of control over Brad. Perhaps he finally caught on to the stink of your madness, Michelle, or perhaps Mister Fix-It saw what a karmic downer you were to the other (and I use this term extremely loosely) ladies.

So … boot! I cry real tears, for we’ve lost the only real bitch we had. Worse, we don’t get to see Michelle’s family, which, as anyone could imagine, would have been a hoot. I was literally burning with curiosity; what sort of enabling parents could let this self-involved nutcase grow and thrive? And what sort of little Joffrey* might her kid turn out to be? Read More...


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