TWO AND A HALF MEN “That Darn Priest” Review

TWO AND A HALF MEN "That Darn Priest" Season 8 Episode 16 – I guess it was inevitable that Alan would end up confessing what he’d done to all of his friends and family. I can’t say that I expected him to go to a priest to do it though. Of course it wasn’t like he actually wanted to make any sort of restitution for what he’d done. He just wanted someone to forgive him, oh and to keep the money. His solution is only marginally better as he takes a payoff to keep Rose’s secret from Charlie, thereby betraying his brother. But hey, this is a sitcom so I’m sure there is lots more hilarity to come from that whole storyline. Especially since Charlie actually "met" Manny and still hasn’t got a clue. Read More...


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