Pretty Little Liars Review: "The New Normal"

As a Valentine’s Day episode, this week’s Pretty Little Liars definitely provided some romantic sparks between the new characters and some of our favorites.

The delightfully flirtatious scenes between Hanna and Caleb were definitely the high point of the evening. Overall, "The New Normal" was a sweet installment in the personal lives of these usually troubled girls. But, again, there wasn’t a lot to build on for our show’s main mysteries.

Hanna and Aria were able to bury the hatchet, which was good for Aria since she had to deal with parent-teacher conferences this week. It was pretty funny to see Byron attack Ezra because he thought the young teacher was after his wife. It’s probably a little less funny when you remember that Byron has a real reason to be distrustful of his daughter’s English teacher. Read More....


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