Chuck 4.15 "Chuck vs the Cat Squad" Review

What was life like for Sarah Walker before the Intersect mission? This week we got another glimpse in to this past when Sarah was a member of the all female Cat Squad. This homage to Charlie's Angels was of course expertly pictured by Morgan, in yet another fantasy dream sequence that opened the episode.

The premise of the Cat Squad disbanding after feelings of mistrust was one that we have previously seen with Sarah and Carina, who returned tonight and proceeded to throw a spanner in the works between Morgan and Alex. The other members Amy and Zondra are new to us and Chuck but it was pretty obvious that Amy was going to be the mole, it's never the person who is least trusted and Chuck does ask the right question of how can they trust Amy when she is so perky? This might have been the longest way round for Sarah to get some bridesmaids and it didn't have the best pacing with it being so obvious, but I enjoyed the end result. Read More...


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