TRAFFIC LIGHT “En Fuego” Advance Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT is back tonight for its second episode on FOX. I had the opportunity to review it in advance and this episode brought the laughs, mostly in subtle ways, which I particularly enjoy.

The boys are at it again. This week centers around Mike’s "rules" especially those concerning current girlfriends and wives not friending ex-girlfriends. No one wants to listen to him and blows off his rule with disasterous affects. Not only does it appear that Mike has rules about girlfriends, but we learn he pretty much is a rule follower in most of life. Should we be that surprised? He is a lawyer after all.

The other plot in tonight’s episode involved each guy and their "go-to" manuever. You know, the one that makes the girls swoon or gets them the girl? Each guy has one and whether it works or not depends on if the rules are followed. It was funny that you could tell Mike hadn’t used his in awhile as soon as you heard what it was. It was also amusing to hear that Ethan changes his up. Of course he would, with as many women as he has dated. Read More...


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