CHUCK “Chuck Versus The Cat Squad” Review

CHUCK "Chuck Versus The Cat Squad" Season 4 Episode 15 – Chuck is concerned that Sarah has no friends or family around her to celebrate her wedding, so he enlists the aid of her old CAT squad-Clandestine Attack Team. It’s a Charlie’s Angels foursome parody without the parody. This episode was a perfect example of everything wrong with Chuck.

Morgan and Alex’s relationship is one of the biggest who cares. The writers try to build these big emotional scenes but without established either Alex’s character or their relationship, the emotion falls flatter than a midday soap opera. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about Alex’s character aside from her biography. When she was first introduced the wealth of potential storylines was dazzling. Aside from being a potentially fascinating character herself, she might have become a truly remarkable outlet through which Casey’s character could have expanded. No. Instead she’s used as faux emotional angst for Morgan to whimper about. The Morgan and Carina scenes in this episode were not only annoying, they made me hate Morgan the character. I’ve always found him edging on the annoying, but I don’t know if he is redeemable after his weak willed and stupid turns as he dances around Alex and Carina like a schoolboy with his trousers unzipped. Read More...


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