Chuck 4.15 "Chuck vs the Cat Squad" Recap

Fade in on a pair of beautiful, female eyes.  The voice of an older, gruff man explains that he likes his martinis with gin, not vodka.  As three other pairs of eyes fill the screen in turn, he says he prefers chocolate to vanilla.  And while some people like dogs, he likes cats (not Cats).  The women who own those eyes are revealed, under the banner of the CAT Squad: Clandestine Attack Team.  The team was formed in 2003: cold-hearted Carina, Zondra the bitch!, Amy the party girl, and the man's pride and joy, Sarah Walker.  He ends the introduction with "Go get 'em CATs!"

Cut to Morgan, lost in fantasy thinking about the CAT Squad.  Chuck hopes that the CATs are tight enough that he can invite them to the engagement party.  Morgan suggests asking Sarah for help, but Chuck says she's being reluctant to help because she has no family or true friends; Chuck is trying to fix things by nudging her gently.  Morgan wants to know how he can help.  Chuck says that Carina, one of Sarah's best friends back in the day, was one of the CATs so Chuck needs her contact information from Morgan, Carina's one-time conquest.  Morgan worries about inviting Carina because Alex will be at the party.  Morgan doesn't want the two ladies fighting over him; Carina is such a delicate girl after all.  Cue Carina kicking some henchman ass when she receives a text message.  Reading the invite to the engagement party, Carina relishes the idea of Sarah in a white dress.  Carina calls Amy, informs her that Sarah is getting married, and asks how they get in touch with Zondra. Read More...


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