HARRY’S LAW “A Day In The Life” Review

HARRY’S LAW "A Day In The Life" Episode 5 – My ability to suspend disbelief is admittedly pretty weak, I know, but I tend to give leeway to certain genre shows that are either labeled as "spectacle" (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena), "camp" (True Blood), or "quirky" (the defunct Pushing Daisies or anything created and/or written by David E. Kelley). Sometimes the art is seen only after the things that don’t make initial sense finally make sense when viewed through a particular lens. So to speak.

I’m still trying to find that lens for Harry’s Law.

As I have stated on more than one occasion, it’s not the acting, which is generally robust and (at least) committed, nor is it the dialogue, which is sharp and often chuckle-inducing. But certain realities tend nip at my logic center, one tiny bite at a time, until I can no longer ignore the metaphorical blood pooling onto the metaphorical floor. Read More...



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