'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The New Normal'

I understand that this week's big mystery was what last week's Braille message read, but Aria totally took the dots theme to the next level. I mean, the girl was overdosing on polka dots! Did you see her all sulky and mad at Hanna sporting a a scowl and a whole lot of spots? But beyond the occasional offensive wardrobe choice, this episode was packed with juicy details.

Let's see, where should we start? Aria and Hanna aren't talking, still, and the girls take notice but decide not to investigate. But Hanna's real problems are at home, as always. Her mother, Ashley, has been approached by a distant relative of Mrs. Potter (the unauthorized loan's dead dealer). Ashley accept the man's advances and takes him up on a drink date, but Caleb, Hanna's bad-boy body guard and secret basement housemate, doesn't like the sound of that. Upon further investigation, Caleb discovers that the guy's a total phony. Hanna takes the news to Ashley who decides that going to the cops wouldn't solve her own personal crisis. Instead, she realizes that two can play that game. Luckily for her, it works out. She parts ways with the rest of Potter's cash sending it off with a true con artist. Looks like she and Hanna are off the hook, after all. (Or are they?) Read More...



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