OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 2 Review

OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 2 - I still like Outcasts. That said, as we get into the meat of the story it’s becoming a bit too much like Battlestar Galactica. We have the ex-military ACs (Cylons), the impossible baby (Hera), Julius Berger (Gaius Baltar), and Richard Tate (an amalgamation of Adama and Roslin).

If we veer away into the vaguer similarities, there’s the ‘older’ second in command and the attractive younger person (Tigh and Caprica Six – let’s hope Stella doesn’t fall pregnant, eh?), and Cass’ secret may be that he’s an AC (final five). If he is, it looks like we may soon be comparing Cass/Fleur/Jack to Anders/Starbuck/Apollo.

It’s kind of like watching a (good) remake. But let’s leave BSG here for now, eh?

Apparently AC stands for ‘Advanced Cultivars’. They’re referred to as clones once in the episode(*), which threw me a bit as we didn’t see multiple copies of any one AC. Do they exist? Because their name, specifically the ‘cultivar’ part, would make one think they’re actually individuals created by cherry picking the best genetic characteristics. Read More...



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Dec 29, 2011 7:12AM EST

YeS BSG repeat but this show fails on so many levels and it's only in the second episode.

Tate is no Adamma I can't stand the Character and his Morals, Ethics leave me Cold at least with Adamma their was absolute with him and same thing with meekly President.

Cass is more like Boomer first season and needs to get a backbone.

There is no Star-buck, yet and we will have to wait and see?

The Genius guy or IQ guy could be our number six and why is it in sci-fy only the white people survive and don;t give me the token black guy too much to do, I am sure he shall be killed off soon enough.

The Producers and writers must not think we the audience is not too intellectual to bring this derivative show to our Canadian shores.

Mercifully the British do one or 2 season shows and this imposter BSG will end soon.

Yet Again we are loving the Bad guys in this History repeats itself show. Why are these Characters getting the better lines?

If the clones AC or cyclones kill off the humanity that is left that's OK because This group did not deserve to get the second chance on life.

Excuse me as I kiss the sky! Nope

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