OUTCASTS Series 1 Episode 3 Review

OUTCASTS Series Episode 3 - I’ve figured out the disconnect between my reviews of Outcasts and the comments they receive. While everyone else is likely looking at this from a general ‘is this supposed to be science fiction?’ point of view, I’m comparing it to the shows it reminds me of or that I’ve reviewed recently, namely Battlestar Galactica (season 3, naturally), The Event and other BBC fare such as Spooks and Silent Witness.

So I stick by the first two episodes being better than the BSG season 3 opening, I’m happy to accept that opening and closing a hundred storylines every episode is the done thing (á la the BBC series I mentioned above) and, let’s face it, if you’ve seen The EventOutcasts is pure gold in comparison.

This week I’m going to try and be more objective. That said, episode 3 really is quite pants.

The entire episode revolves around a coming whiteout predicted in papers left to his wife by a scientist, Rosen, who died on the last transporter. Without these it seems the Forthaven folk wouldn’t have known of the impending whiteout, since they expected the cycle to have finished. Apparently no one looks out of their windows, since the sky has been doing a whole weird glowing thing. Besides, you’d think that with all the people constantly going out of the town, someone would have noticed somethingweird and reported it back. Like Fleur. Did she not take some sort of communication device with her? Read More....



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Dec 29, 2011 9:08AM EST

Tipper is the most interesting charterer on the show like I said. Julius is a stronger religious, rebellious Zealot soon to be dictator then Gaius Baltar ever could be, you forget Balter had no back bone in season 3. Yes the Event lost it's way but so did Dr. who, least we forget a show that was good LOst, hero's should I name more ? I digress yes the token gay needed to be killed off he was introduced as a throw away, because we don't know how many people made it one this planet from earth, and Tate forgot to put the numbers up on a board for us all to count what's left of humanity, ala BSG.

The anticlimactic mass announcement known to mankind Done by Tate is pure British understatement and keep your chin up Narcissistic attitude I would expect from a manipulative president.

Don't forget the understated are you serious no chemistry what so ever love story brewing between Cass and Fluer boring! I would Rather see her hook up with AC
Randy then Cass, tipper even but they are saving him for the head of the security chick.

I too would like to join that dumb council just so I could destroy it! Kill Julian Kill the High ups of Folkhaven deserve to die.

Lets us pray episode 4 brings more wrath from universal spirit God called original inhabitants of the Planet.

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