'Chuck' 4.15 'Chuck Versus The Cat Squad' Review

This week's Chuck introduces us to a riff on Charlie's Angels: Sarah's old spy team, the Cat Squad, in all their campy awesomeness (at least in Morgan's brain). "I don't even want to think about what goes on there," Chuck admits, while trying to find said team to invite to the impending wedding. It's a big sign of what's to come when they arrive by helicopter, rather than, y'know, using cars like normal people.

The following morning, with their guests passed out on the floor of Chuck's apartment (except for Carina, who's trying to get back with Morgan), Sarah fills Chuck in on history, including the one-time suspicion that one of the Cat Squad was a mole. Really awkward breakfast ensues, including the unexpected arrival and quick departure of Alex, and Amy stirring up old memories. As if that wasn't enough, yay for car bombs that cause Chuck to flash on Lou Diamond Phillips. I mean, Augusto Gaez. It's up to Chuck to bust the bad guy and find out if Zondra really is a mole. Read More...



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