'Hawaii Five-O' 1.17 'Powa Maka Moana' Review

We've had a tsunami (fake but still). We've had the jungle. So what's next inHawaii Five-O's recent string of high adventure stories? Well, pirates, of course! Pirates who take over a hapless ship full of college kids and who will not ask you why the rum is gone.

Steve and Danny are pushing Steve's father's car up a hill when they get wind of the hijacking. I mention this because that vehicle is, in fact, the original 1974 Marquis that Jack Lord drove in the original series, and I love how much this show respects its predecessor. Five-O gets together and arrives on the boat, which is now empty except for two dead bodies and a girl named Susan (former MTV hostess Vanessa Minnillo), who gives them the 411. The team now has to find and free the dozen hostages, while keeping their understandably upset parents from doing anything rash, not unlike "Nalowale." Read More...



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