'The Chicago Code' 1.02 'Hog Butcher' Review

When done right, episodes of police dramas about cop shooters or killers are, by their very nature, some of a series' best. I remember being rocked by Homicide: Life on the Street's "Fallen Heroes" two-parter in 1998, and byCold Case's "Officer Down" just the other day. When I think of those shows, I'm going to think of those episodes. And so it is with "Hog Butcher," the second episode of the so far stellar Chicago Code.

The episode picks up from the pilot's most shocking twists: the death of Teresa's driver and bodyguard, Antonio, who laid down his life to protect hers. Within minutes, we see the fallout from everyone's perspectives, whether it's Jarek and Teresa clearing corner after corner looking for answers, Alderman Gibbons planting seeds of doubt in the mind of Antonio's mother, or the thugs laughing about it. One of the things I love about this show already is that we're privy to all angles, which allows us to engage the story further as we can sift through everything and not just be led down one path. I don't ever want to be a passive viewer, so I'm happy to find myself challenged by seeing the good, the bad and the ugly - and not being told which is which. Read More...



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