Ricky's Guilty Guy Friend: Castle Recap for Season 3, Episode 15: "The Final Nail"

Castle has a guy friend! His name is Damian Westlake, and he calls Castle "Ricky" to drive home the point that they’re "back in the day" friends. Unfortunately...Damian’s Wife Got Nailed: Sorry for that, but it’s such a softball. Anywho, Victoria Westlake, interior designer to the rich, was shot in the face with a nail gun in her swanky Manhattan townhouse. There’s also gang tag on the back wall of said townhouse. Surprisingly, Castle is already there when Beckett & Co. arrive on the scene. ("I'm Detective Kate...Castle?" Cute.) The writer is consoling his boarding school friend who just happens to be an unpublished writer. Awkward Tension in A Friendship Alert! Castle gets all offended that Beckett is asking Damian detective-y questions, because people he knows don’t just go around nail gunning their wives. Important thing:  Amber, Vicky’s assistant, says her boss had recently fired a carpenter named Morris who was remodeling the home, because she thought he stole her engagement ring. Also, Morris was near the house the day of the murder and his prints were on the nail gun.  But...



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