'Glee' Season 2, Episode 13 Recap

Sometimes I wonder if in the 'Glee' writers' room there's a large "Sue Sylvester" grid, where Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan have written down situations for Sue to be in and ways for her to screw with the glee club. I can envision them throwing darts or fuzzy balls at the grid, and they combine whatever phrases that the darts or fuzzy balls land on and that's what they have Sue do for an episode or three. It's kind of like how 'South Park' envisioned 'Family Guy' gets written, without the manatees and idea balls.

So this week, it feels like the darts landed on "depressed," "joins the glee club" and "manipulates glee club members." It all felt like by-the-numbers Sue and a bit of a sour note (pun intended) in an otherwise funny and eventful episode. But then the writers threw us a curve ball and made Sue ... nice. Too bad it didn't last. Read More...



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