Parenthood 2.16 "Amazing Andy and His Wonderful World of Bugs" Review

It’s birthday time for the Braverman bunch and you know what that means? Well, aside from bug cupcakes, tension headaches, and some ill-advised bathroom sex, it means that Max gets a storyline for the first time in what seems like forever. Due to his obsession with insects, Adam and Kristina hire well known bug show impresario Amazing Andy, he of the bright green vehicle with a huge cricket on the roof, to entertain the 25-ish people expected at the party. Andy, played by the always awesome Michael Emerson, is twitchy, rigid about details, and a glimpse into Max’s potential future, as Andy also has Asperger’s.

Emerson may not have had a lot of screen time, but he made such good use of what he did get, culminating in a powerful scene where Adam questioning the quality of life for an adult with Asperger’s and realized that Max just might be okay after all. While Amazing Andy was showing off hissing cockroaches and dangerous spiders, complete with running commentary from bug expert Max, there were a whole lot of other creepy crawly things going on in the Braverman world, all of which worked quite well to advance existing storylines and break new ones. Read More...


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