The Good Wife "Net Worth" Review - Lots of Surprises!

Knowing I am in the minority, I still enjoy the hell out the scenes with Alicia and her brother, Owen. I really buy their sibling relationship. "The sultry eyed Will." And he acts out his imagining of sultry eyes. Bobbing his head to gospel music with a goofy look on his face. He's just enjoyable to watch. Light and fun. And the good news? He's moving to Chicago. That means more Owen for me to love. For those of you he has not yet won over, to who else does Alicia open up with such candor? He makes Alicia seem so amazingly genuine.

Patrick Edelstein is much like the Facebook gurus, a nobody code genius. He's had a movie created about him, "an imaginative recreation of events" according to the opposing lawyer. But it's clearly not true, and he wants everyone to know it. But defamation of character cannot be proven without malice aforethought. I seriously don't get that. If I write a movie about a doctor, who has, perhaps created a new vaccine, and nothing in it is true, I can do so without retaliation? That does not seem right to me at all. I always learn something new about the law on The Good Wife, I sure hope it's accurate so I can use it in casual conversation without sounding like an idiot. Read More...


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