Hellcats 1.15 "God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away" Review

Marti goes to her law professor, Julian Parrish, with Vanessa at her side to talk him into not revealing the video evidence against Jake so they could have one last chance to keep the Hellcats from total destruction. All of my hopes for Red Raymond were then squashed when he invited Bill Marsh to the party and the proposed throwing money for fight for Parrish's three strikes law, at the expense of Travis.

My girl Marti - not having any of it. She says what I've always wanted to say, "Football is not too big to fail." Oh how I hate the world of professional sports and what they get away with just so people can watch a game. Breathe, Carissa, breathe. I breathed just long enough to find out that Red is in on the plan. Oh my mind was so easily lead astray! In my heart, Red was good, but my mind sputtered. Read More...



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