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Pretty Little Liars 1.17 "The New Normal" Review

The girls of Rosewood kept dealing with their personal issues for most of last night, while Spencer stayed focused on the mission at hand on last night's Pretty Little Liars. Let's tackle that piece of information first...

So Spencer finds out that the Brailled message Toby slipped her actually means "214", instead of the "BAD" Spencer intially came up with. So 214 might mean a hotel room, but hopefully not the seedy one shown at the end of the episode. My money is that 214 is the room Ian and Allison shared at the resort a year before. But why would the mysterious caller and Jenna be mentioning Spencer and the number 214? Unless 214 belongs to the room number where Spencer met Wren earlier in the season? Then 214 might be something different all together, but I heavuly doubt it. Read More...


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