ONE TREE HILL “Valentine’s Day Is Over” Review

ONE TREE HILL "Valentine’s Day Is Over" Season 8 Episode 15 – It is Valentine’s Day in Tree Hill and so this week we are subjected to every couple’s version of celebrating whether sex-filled, blown out or low key.

I admit I am not the biggest Valentine’s Day fan so an hour episode that is centered totally around the celebration for the day really is not my bag. Despite this, I will admit that there were some good parts to tonight’s episode. First, we finally get to see Clay and Nathan working. Together they scout a new ball player although the fact that he just happens to be Nathan’s hated professor’s son seems a bit convenient. One can only assume that since the ball player also thinks the professor is a "douchebag", all signs point to Clay and Nathan signing him by next episode. Nathan thinks the overly confident and cocky guy can be changed like he was as a young teen. Speaking of which, are we supposed to believe that guy is a young teen? He looked a bit old for that. Read More...


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