Gossip Girl 4.15 "It-Girl Happened Last Night" Review

Was anyone else screaming through the screen at Serena to not intervene with Raina's interview with Blair? I thought I wasn't alone.

Last night's Gossip Girl should've been called The Valentine's Day Massacre, because that's exactly what went down for half of the principle cast.

First up, let's talk Dair and Chair. Despite my earlier observations, it seems that Blair felt that since she's moving up the corporate ladder at W. that it was time to rekindle her relationship with Chuck. In other words, Blair foolishly thought Chuck would wait while she achieved her goal of independence and came out looking like a fool in the end, because Chuck seriously was digging Raina and didn't even notice Blair at the party. At all. But even if Chuck did notice, would he forgive her for even trying to plot to break apart his relationship with Raina? It would have been the Eva fiasco from earlier this season all over again... Read More...



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