NCIS “Defiance” Review

NCIS "Defiance" Season 8 Episode 15 – There are episodes were the team is "on" and others where they aren’t so much. This was one of the ones where they were totally on and I’ve been happy to notice that’s bee the case for the last couple of episodes. Nobody was doing things that confused me and as a fan who (like many of us) has watched every episode countless times, I like it when they act more like the people that we’ve come to know and love.

Not that I don’t appreciate character development because I adore it. But there’s a difference between development and just plain going off track. This week though, we got a little bit of everything. We got confirmation and references of things we already knew – Tony turning down the assignment in Spain, Gibbs calling Ziva "Ziver", a campfire, McGee’s book. We also got some new tidbits like Tony’s fear of needles and McGee’s admission that he does want to run his own team someday. Read More...


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